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In the late 1960's George F. Albert bought his first water softener. He was so impressed with the benefits that it offered his family and his home that when the opportunity arose to purchase a small water conditioning company he jumped at the chance. In 1969 he purchased a small list of names and started Albert Soft Water Service, Inc.

That business will be celebrating it's 40th year anniversary giving exemplary service to Pinellas, Pasco and Hillsborough counties.

Mr George F. Albert today, still involved in the business with a minimum capacity as he has passed the day to day reigns over to two of his sons George D and David.

George and David have continued with the vision their father had to help educate consumers on the benefits of soft water and continue giving superior service to their thousand plus satisfied customers.

In 1995, Albert Soft Water Service, Inc. expanded their horizons and delved into the bottled water market. Meadowbrook Bottle Water, A d/b/a/of Albert Soft Water now service Pinellas and Pasco counties serving over 350 customers on a weekly basis.

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